About us

Stop asking “where?”. That’s so yesterday!

We believe that every person is unique and special in their own ways. Hence we understand that you certainly have different needs and preferences compared to others. Here at Dimana, we try our very best to make sure everyone is able to discover suitable places for their particular needs and occasions!

Try out Dimana’s many amazing features to assist your discovery. Select different attributes and filter places based on your needs, generate random places for a surprise, or make a list of your favourites and share it to your friends! Dimana will definitely be the perfect company for your adventures. So stop asking “where?”, register now and start your journey of discoveries with Dimana!.

It's easy and fun

Filter places based on your needs.

Select attributes based on your preferences, let us do the magic, and voila!

Generate a random place for a surprise.

For you explorers and adventurers, generate a random place through Dimana and dare yourselves to go.

Compile your favourites and share them with friends.

Your favourites deserve to be showcased. Create your own list, add your favourite places, then spread the news!.